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A leaky roof can be quite an annoyance. In some occasions, a simple roof leak can be dealt with easily and efficiently without the assistance of a trained professional. In this Do It Yourself Roofing guide we'll explain how to fix a common roof leak all on your own.

Required Equipment:


  1. The areas of moisture and leakage in flashings must be checked; drill a small hole in every different section of a wall, in all walls, to test the moisture levels in the timber itself –. Insert a pronged moisture meter into the holes to receive moisture reading. If the problem is isolated to one place, continue repairs.
  2. Remove all damaged framing, rotting and mould-affected timber and dispose of them. All removed parts will need to be replaced – be sure to note their dimensions.
  3. Once the hole in the flashing is isolated, begin its repair by removing loose nails and covering nail heads with flashing or roofing cement. This will require the area around the holes to be roughened with sandpaper and cleaned.
  4. Plug pinholes with cement and patch approximately ¾ inch in diameter. The patch should be larger than the hole, and affixed and covered with roofing cement.
  5. The leak may be the only visible sign to a major problem relevant to all areas of the roof and house. If moisture is found in more than one area, it may be necessary to remove wall linings, as the only definite way to clearly establish the extent of your roof’s leakage. Flashings that are badly corroded will need to be replaced, and if timber is damaged, you may require serious additional housing repairs. In this case, unless you are a skilled roofer, we strongly recommend you forego do it yourself roofing and call a Roof 101 professional, as this is a timely, costly and complicated procedure that if not done correctly, can develop into larger, more serious problems.



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Like anything else, roofs too can require roof repair work. It is very common to see some roof leaks, flashing failure, or shingle deterioration during the life of your roof, and repairing them is not always complicated. Beware, however, that any roof repair work not carried out meticulously and appropriately could lead to even worse damage, so do not hesitate to call one of our contractors if you are not a roofing expert.


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