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Metal roofs are simple to maintain, and knowing the basics of how to metal roof can ensure your metal roof lasts its full lifetime. Proper maintenance of metal roofing will keep it in great shape for up to 30 years.

It is always advised that you consult your local Roof 101 consultant before commencing any DIY metal roof project, as metal can be easily damaged without proper treatment.

Repeat the following steps regularly:

  1. Be careful not to let metals of different types touch each other. Chemical reactions between different materials can invite corrosion. Ask your metal roofing manufacturer about applications that can separate different metals.
  2. Keep paint touched up so that rust cannot occur after rain and extreme weather.
  3. Repair holes and open seams as soon as possible.
  4. Cover very small holes with roofing cement. Solder a patch of the same metal over larger holes.
  5. Only use screws made of the same metal as the roof.
  6. Always use screws with washers and install them in raised areas, not low areas where water can pool and leak.
  7. On steel metal roofing, use non-corrosive metal flux. On copper metal roofing, use acid flux.

For how to metal roof repairs:



  1. Clean area
  2. Cut out galvanized metal to cover hole by 2-3 inches, and place on top of butyl tape.
  3. Place and insert screws every 2 inches.
  4. Seal around edges and screws with caulk.
  5. Cover metal roof with new coating.



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