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How to replace a roof is a two step process that will strongly depend upon the kind of roof you own. There are many kinds of damage that can occur, including holes, leaks, rust, decomposition, discoloring, tearing, and more.

If you need to remove and replace your roof, ensure that you do it right - not investing enough finances or efforts can lead to a damaged roof again within 10 years. For affordable and quality roof replacement services, there is a Roof 101 branch in all major cities and states. The following how to replace a roof guide is relevant to wood shake damage and roof replacement:

Tools Required for Roof Replacement

How to Replace a Roof Instructions

  1. Remove all damaged shakes and those in the layer above them; do not remove shakes in more than one area at a time, as this can be dangerous. Do so by lifting the bottom of the shake, pulling or cutting off old nails, cutting under nails, and puling and wiggling out once nails are free.
  2. Center of sheathing boards should be placed equal to the distance of the exposure. Use existing non-damaged shakes as a guide.
  3. Spacing between adjacent shakes should be minimum 3/8 inches, and maximum 5/8 inches. Side lap should be no less than 1 1/2 inches between joints in adjacent courses.
  4. Begin roof replacement by sliding shake into empty area, and hold it 1/2 inch below final fitting position.
  5. Install 2 proper nails at 45 degree angle at the butt of covering diverse.
  6. Drive shake up 1/2 inch covering nail heads, by using wood block against shake butt to reduce splitting.



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Like anything else, roofs too can require roof repair work. It is very common to see some roof leaks, flashing failure, or shingle deterioration during the life of your roof, and repairing them is not always complicated. Beware, however, that any roof repair work not carried out meticulously and appropriately could lead to even worse damage, so do not hesitate to call one of our contractors if you are not a roofing expert.


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