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A garden shed is the must have "accessory" for all home-owners. Easy to build, this is a simple weekend project for all do-it-yourselfers. Feel free to contact your local Roof 101 contractor for any further shed roof assistance or advice.

Tools for shed roof construction

How to build a shed roof instructions

  1. Cut and fix 2 beam supports above front and rear wall frame top plates, then cut and fix room shed roof frame above beam supports.
  2. Cut and fix 4 end rafters, plumb and temporarily brace.
  3. Cut 8 remaining intermediate rafter and fix 4 on each side.
  4. Measure and cut 4 rows of noggings to fit between rafters. Place rows on each side of Side wall’s top plates.
  5. Cover roof with 1/2 inch plywood, nailing a max of 8 feet apart on each rafter. Run sheets from roof beams to end of rafters, cutting to size if necessary. All joins running parallel with roof beam must be under a purlin.
  6. Nail 3 rows of purlin to each side of roof, overhanging each end by 1 inch.
  7. Fix top row 3 inches down from apex.
  8. Nail ends of roof sheathing from underside to bottom purlins.
  9. Nail barge board to end of purlins along each rake of gable, and flush with top of purlins.
  10. Join barge boards at apex and cut 6 inches past rafter ends.
  11. Fix fascia and barge boards to rafter ends, and cover with self-supporting underlay.
  12. Fix roofing iron to purlins using nails, and overhang 2 1/2 inches over fascia board.
  13. Fix ridge capping to purlin at every second corrugation.



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