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The following instructions provide full details on how to replace roof tiles for pitched tiled roofs. We'll cover everything starting with the tools required for replacing roof tiles and the actual steps for replacing them.

Tools required for replacing roof tiles:

- disc cutter
- aluminum nails
- measuring tape
- hammer
- sealant
- clips
- roof tiles for replacement
- chisel or grout saw
- adhesive
- putty knife

Steps for Replacing roof tiles:

  1. Remove the grout from around the roof tiles to be replaced using a chisel.
  2. Remove the broken roof tiles. If they are loose, they can be easily pulled out. If they are set in adhesive, it will be difficult to remove them. Do so by using a cold chisel to break them into pieces, being careful not to damage adjacent tiles and the actual roof surface. A systematic way to do this is by drilling a series of holes into the roof tiles using a carbide drill bit of " in diameter. Once broken, use a screw driver to pull up the pieces of roof tiles.
  3. Clean out all debris from the hole, and scrape out lumps in the mortar and adhesive.
  4. Test fit the new roof tiles and ensure that they both sit firmly and steadily, and sit at the same level as adjacent roof tiles.
  5. Apply to the back of all replacement roof tiles 1/8" adhesive using a putty knife. Leave half an inch on all sides of the roof tiles.
  6. Press the roof tiles into place by squeezing them in gently so that the adhesive will spread out.
  7. Let the adhesive dry for 24 hours. In the mean time, take a sample of the removed grout and go to a manufacturers store to find a color match for it.
  8. Mix the grout according to instructions and apply it into gaps and cracks.



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