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Don't wait until the first snowfall or heavy rain before finding out if your roof needs tending to - not only will it be more difficult, but it will also be less effective. The following information will guide you on what to look for during a self roof inspection, in order to know what to take care of before winter hits.

*Note: if it is unsafe to walk on your roof, perform the roof inspection from the ground using binoculars.

  1. 1. Leaks this is the first sign of deterioration. They can appear as stains in the house or wet areas under the roof deck or attic.
  2. Excessive amounts of mineral granules covering shingles, gutters, or downspouts this indicates extreme weathering, and insufficient amounts will appear as black spots.
  3. Missing shingles replace them or re-roof if there are several missing.
  4. Curled up and cracked shingles caused by UV rays, this will result in loss of water resistance and consequently, additional leaks.
  5. Splits, ridges, eroded areas, punctures, separating seams and punctures for membrane roofing, this will require you to inspect roof methodically.
  6. Flashings and other penetrations such as chimneys check to see that they are properly sealed.
  7. Drainage ensure that they are free of debris so that they won't obstruct water flow. Check the downspouts for blockage and ensure that the water runoff is at a reasonable distance from the building.
  8. Loose, inadequate, or poorly maintained fasteners with sheet metal, this may develop into leaks if not fixed.
  9. Trees, bushes, and flora prune back all plants for healthy re-growth in the spring, and remove all dangerous tree limbs and potentially problematic parts of any flora.
    1. If you are unsure of what such problems look like, or are unfamiliar with the parts of your roof, contact a Roof 101 professional to inspect roof thoroughly.



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