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A roof can be the most distinguishing feature of a house or building, with the ability to make or break the desired appearance. It will also be your main source of insulation and temperature control, and protection against weather damage and the sun. Therefore, designing your roof style, choosing materials, drawing up framework and incorporating features such as drainage, coatings, vents, insulation and skylights, should all be planned meticulously and carried through precisely.

The Different Steps Involved

Depending on the choices you make regarding roof style, materials, cost, etc, the different stages and procedures in roofing a house can differ greatly. The following is a very simple layout of the generic, basic, steps involved in how to roof a house:

  1. Design your roof and draw up a plan.
  2. Strip previous roof of all old, damaged and useless materials. Clean what remains.
  3. Measure your roof to determine its dimensions and the amounts of materials required.
  4. Re-nail or replace sheathing.
  5. Install ice and water guard.
  6. Install felt underlyments.
  7. install flashings/soil boots.
  8. Install vents and ventilation.
  9. Install shingles from left to right, starting at lowest left-hand corner.

Remember that roofing professionals are experts in walking and moving around on roofs. Always exert the utmost safety when working on your roof, and never pursue something that you cannot do stably and safely.



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