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A roof truss is made up of bottom chords, top chords, and inside webbing, and held together by metal connector plates. The shape of the truss will depend on your roof's structure. They are usually placed every 2'' off center in residential and commercial buildings with gable roofs, yet can be shaped to suit a variety of configurations. Make sure you are familiar with your roof's support requirements before attempting do it yourself roof trusses. If you are not, call a Roof 101 professional immediately for expert installation services.

Tools Required For Do It Yourself Roof Trusses

Do It Yourself Roof Trusses Steps

  1. Assemble all timbers forming the trusses.
  2. Use ratchet straps to tighten timbers together, according to labeling and manufacturer building instructions. Gaps in joints appear when shoulder is too long, so culprits are placed on back of joints if needed.
  3. Place reference marks every 2'' off center on sidings.
  4. Raise trusses upside down and then turn over with long brace to be placed in position (alcove trusses first!). Secure truss to top plate by toe-nailing and stake into place.
  5. Secure main trusses to vertical bracing of building's back wall, and use horizontal brace to fasten trusses together.
  6. Install a ridge beam to connect smaller trusses to main roof. Use rafters to attach ridge beam to main roof.
  7. Attach 2x4's to truss ends to create sub-fascia.



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