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Customer Comments

Splendid job at a fantastic price. Highly recommend picking for anyone interested in roof sheathing. Thanks a bunch for being so pleasant, in particular George Kennedy and George Kennedy. My remodeled roof looks wonderful. 

Acton , Arizona

Our family positively likes our shed roof. For the most part, the other roofing contractors I called were greatly higher-priced. Dealing with roofing installation, is first-class. Shortly after completing the on-line form I received a phone call from Dwayne Salinas who scheduled me to receive three different roof quotes from 3 different roofers straight away. 

Jamari Underwood, Arizona

Instantly after sizing up price quotes from Arizona roofers, me and my wife selected this company since your price estimations were within our means. Roof painting work concluded on time and with marvelous proficiency. Called Roof101 and talked with Armani Weeks who was extremely helpful and also assisted me in decreasing spending. At the begining, we were timid about this thing, nonetheless it turned out that your guys absolutly came through for us installing my gambrel roof and cleaning work was superb. 

Cristobal Goff, Arizona

Six months ago I made a call and spoke to Candid Lexiss who was extremely friendly and also was successful in reducing prices. Most of the other roofing contractors I phoned in Arizona were a great deal higher priced. Your roofers really pulled through big time sheeting our shingle roof. Seriously recommend you pick this company for anyone interested in siding. 

Ernesto Sharp, Arizona


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