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Customer Comments

Concerning foam roofing and siding, these people are unsurpassed. Our family positively adores this shingle roof. Awesome work at a reasonable cost. Quick thanks to Roof 101 for doing such a awesome work, specifically John F and John F. 

Glen Hendrix, California

Nearly every other roofing contractor was a lot higher priced. Minutes after after submitting the electronic form got a phone call from Jameson Snow who set up price quotes appointments with 3 different roof contractors. I positively like the gambrel roof. When it comes to roofing installation and siding, their roofers are extraordinary. 

Sierra Williams, California

I emphatically recommend picking this company for those of you looking into roof painting. Your your people did an outstanding job replacing my remodeled roof. Thank you for your advice, in particular Ralph Hurst and Ralph Hurst. did a phenomenal work and my family is pleased we chose your roofing services. 

Mikel Deliz, California

All of the other roofing contractors I talked to in California were drastically more expensive. Strongly recommend you make contact these guys for homeowners shopping around for roof construction. The guys really pulled through big time replacing my asphalt shingle roof. Dialed Roof 101 and spoke to Syed Pate who was remarkably courteous and also managed to trim down costs. 

Jayden Jevonte, California


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