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My family simply can't stop raving about our gambrel roof. Contacted Roof 101 and spoke with Cole Harris who was happy to assist and ended up saving me significantly in hindsight. Roof Coating work was fulfilled on schedule and with awesome professionalism. For the most part, the other Delaware roof contractors I went to were pricier. 

Leah Davis, Delaware

Dialed Roof 101 and had a conversation with John Thompson who was ready to help and ultimately helping me to save a bundle as a result. All of the other Delaware roof contractors I went to were greatly more costly. Thier roof contractors did a fantastic job waterproofing our flat roof. Surely recommend contacting roof 101 for those of you looking into roof vents. 

Leslie Brown, Delaware

For the most part, the other roofing contractors I talked to were a great deal more expensive. Me and my wife really love this tile roof. Roof cleaning work was finished precisely on time and with awesome precision. Chatted with Adonica E who was ready to help and basically saving me greatly along the way. 

Nikkol Cricket, Delaware

Surely recommend you choose this company for anyone inquiring about roof painting. Dialed Roof 101 and talked with ryan harley who was more than willing to help and also helped me in triming down spending significantly. The crew really pulled through big time sheeting my new roof. For the most part, the other roof contractors I spoke with in Delaware were higher priced. 

Brayden Reynolds, Delaware


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