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Talked to Snow Channery who was happy to assist and all together allowing me to save a great deal by doing so. Shortly after sizing up estimations from roof contractors in Rhode Island, my family and I picked roof 101 seeing as your costs estimates were the cheapest. Quite naturally, I was skeptical about this web service thing, however it turned out that the crew performed exceptionally well installing my flat roof and cleaning up was outstanding. Siding work was fulfilled on schedule and with phenomenal precision. 

Trinity Brown, Rhode Island

Our family is happy we picked your services. Thanks a million for the work you invested, especially Aydan Kane and Aydan Kane for a job well done. Emphatically recommend using this company for homeowners shopping around for roof vents. The guys did a terrific job installing our flat roof. 

Tommy Taylor, Rhode Island

I was definitely timid about roof101, still I have to say that I was astounded your crews did an outstanding job waterproofing our new-look roof and cleaning up was superb. With respect to roof flashing and roofing installation, their roof contractors are first-rate. Subsequently after getting costs appraisals from roofing contractors in Rhode Island, me and my wife selected these people for the reason that your quotes were cost effective. Briefly after submitting the on-line form got a phone call from Shelby who arranged price quotes appointments with three different prescreened roofing contractors. 

Rimi Jackson, Rhode Island

Me and my wife are glad we decided on this company. Thanks a bunch for the work you invested, mainly Grace Anderson and Grace Anderson for all the hard work. Roof repair job ended in time and with phenomenal precision. Our family simply loves our hip roof. 

Malachi Sims, Rhode Island


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