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Commercial roofing applications are performed very differently from residential roofing applications. Aside from the need to continue using the building as regular, commercial buildings usually include working with large flat expanses and other features that a house wouldn't have. At Roof 101, we provide professional commercial roofers for all kinds of projects big and small. Whether you need roofing services for a school or a mid-city sky rise, we have the commercial roofers right for the job.

The goal of all Roof 101's commercial roofers is to provide long lasting, efficient, and quality roofing services, in a manner that allows the business to continue operating during the roofing processes. One of the ways in which we strive to achieve this is by making operations as comfortable as possible for you, such as limiting the amount of obstruction to entries and parking facilities of the building. Our roofers are also especially trained to accommodate the different challenges commercial applications pose to effective water-tightening, including multiple air-conditioning machinery, vents and piping, large protrusions, and heating.

Roof 101 commercial roofers are also experts in realizing which roofing solution will be the most efficient and cost effective to you and your business. As a structure that will be protecting not only your workers but also expensive inventory and equipment, we will always recommend a roofing solution that is both high quality and long lasting, such that you will not have to re-roof every 10 years and disrupt business operations for frequent maintenance. All our roofers will inspect your roof thoroughly before advising you on your options, and follow through with roofing services that are unmatched in quality and value.

Commercial roofers and the services they offer

Our commercial roofers offer a wide range of services and roofing solutions for businesses and public institutions. Some of the services we provide include:

Proactive maintenance by our roofers

It is quite common for business owners to defer maintenance procedures to their roof in an attempt to minimize short term costs. The reality is that deferred maintenance will almost definitely lead to increased costs over the long term, as well as increased capital expense budgets for roof failures. This is because even the smallest roof leak, for example, can cause significant damage to more than just your roof – it can affect your electrical system, air quality, production equipment, and more. A roof leak can also lead to internal problems such as downtime in production areas, slips and falls, mold problems, and even legal claims such as tenant complaints. So, it’s no surprise that our commercial roofers recommend a proactive approach to maintenance and roofing procedures. Our roofers can offer you comprehensive maintenance packages that include a range of tests and inspections to determine when your next treatment should be, or, specific problem treatment as required. To find out what service your roof is in need of, if at all, contact Roof 101 and have our specialized commercial roofers perform a thorough inspection…we guarantee that it will safeguard your business against losses.

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