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All home-owners are aware that a roof is an integral part of the overall protection of a building, a source of insulation, ventilation, natural light and guttering of rain. As such, it is important that they have access to all the best roofing resources for functioning and quality of their roof, updates in industry innovations, and roof-related services for all their needs, including installation, repair, and replacement. Here they can find all such roofing resources, with everything from general roof-related info, to roofing contractors listings, which have been sifted through and specially selected by our experts.

The many building and home owners seeking roofing resources and home-improvement related services come to Roof for all their needs, and our extensive roofing listings are pleasing more and more people each day as it grows. All industry workers, roofing companies and manufacturers, supplies stores, and roofing information portals can have their websites published on Roof 101 and added to our roofing listings. In exchange for listing Roof 101 on your respective website, we will be happy to add your business to our roofing resources section at absolutely no charge.

Roof 101 is consistently growing in popularity as a premium roofing information portal, and as such so is the number of visitors we see. We have received much positive feedback from those companies already listed, who are thrilled with the widespread advertising and awareness they have achieved through the Roof 101 roofing resources area. If your website offers roof or home improvement related services, and you are interested in getting listed on our site, contact us at

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Do It Yourself Metal Roof

A do it yourself metal roof project is far from easy. Aside from requiring much hard to obtain and hard to use equipment, the process itself is both complicated and dangerous. There are also many situations in which more than one person is required. For these reasons, we recommend that you do not proceed with a metal roof DIY project if you are incapable. Alternatively, contact a Roof 101 professional for assistance.


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