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Living Under Green Roofs

Green roofs have many meaning in the world of roofing materials, which we will try to set straight in the following. When talking about green roof systems, the meaning is, most often, a vegetation-covered roof planted over appropriate turf. Roof systems that are merely painted green, naturally, are not included by the term green roof. Some refer to roofs with plants and pots to be green roofs, although, as the description of green roofs will show you, this is not really the case. Additionally, green roofs may refer to eco friendly or solar panel roofs.

Advantages of Green Roofs

Green roofs provide homeowners an alternative to a garden, if there is one or to go along with it. The green roof provides all that a garden (or a patio) might, including a place to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables. With these growing on the roof, water will not spill as much, but rather be used for gardening purposes. Besides other technical advantages a green roof supplies, a biodiverse green roof can filter pollutants, reduce heat, increase wildlife and help the house function as an autonomous unit, elements that are foreign to any other roofing material but are part and parcel of a green roof.

The State of Green Roofs Today

True, green roofs are not as popular as one would expect them to be. Perhaps because the market remains immature, or the industry is not doing enough to promote the technologies that are already available. It doesn’t change the fact that they are sensible. In fact they are more common in Europe. A green roof might be the right choice for you too. Contact us and we will have our green roof consultants let you in on what it takes to tend to a green roof and what the advantages you will enjoy from such an option are.



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As you're probably already aware, the roof on your house or building is more than just a layer of sheathing - it's a complex structure that is made of many integrated parts, such as insulation and guttering, which together make up one operative unit that protects your home against weathering.


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