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Why Choose a Dome Skylight?

Skylights are available in many different forms and shapes, yet the dome skylight offers many unique features. To begin with, dome skylights have a constant visible transmittance (EVT), unlike flat skylights, which allows for efficient diffusion of light, regardless of the sun’s angles. Secondly, the dome shape helps easy water run-off, eliminating the need for regular cleaning. Additionally, dome skylights can be double or even triple insulated, according to your climate and general needs. Roof 101 provide dome skylight installation and dome skylight kits that are easy on your budget and easily installed.

What Kind of Dome Skylight Do You Need?

If you are interested in illuminating your room to its maximum amount, then a clear acrylic dome skylight is most suited to you. For a natural lighting effect, prismatic dome skylights are most appropriate. White or bronze acrylic dome skylights are best suited to those who are light-sensitive or looking for a gentle lighting effect, as they soften the penetrating light and eliminate glare. Alternatively, if thermal efficiency is of importance to you, then an acrylic double dome skylight is the best solution, as it provides an insulating air space.

Framing of Dome Skylights

The framing of dome skylights is generally available in vinyl and aluminum. Whilst both are energy-efficient, vinyl framed dome skylights minimizes heat transfer making it appropriate for colder climates, and aluminum framed dome skylights have a thermal break design that reduces condensation. Our contractors work with all these materials and more, and would be happy to design a dome skylight that is perfectly suited to your lighting requirements



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