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Mansard Roof Framing and Construction

The mansard roof is characterized by four sides, each double-sloped, the lower slope being significantly steeper than the one above it. The upper slope is not usually visible from the ground, as it is angled only enough to allow the run-off of water. Its framing is extremely practical, as it is able to enlarge upper stories without affecting the height of the building, and doesn’t involve any complex framing, which saves both time and money. Economical mansard roof construction is also made possible by the common usage of certi-label shingles that are light weight and easily applied. Although in America the mansard roof is typically used in fast-food chain buildings, it is a roofing style characteristic of French renaissance architecture, and is uniquely elegant. Mansard roofs were revived and popularized by French architect, François Mansart.

The Mansard Roof Dormer - stylish and practical

Just like the gambrel, the mansard roof is a suitable candidate for dormer installation. Dormer window surrounds are considered one of the main contributors to the beauty of mansard roofs. Dormers, together with the open framing of the double sloped design of mansard roofs, provide usable interior space, much more than what is available with other roofing designs. Roof 101 offers a wide variety of dormers and dormer windows, so that you can choose the dormer design to match your personal taste and overall look and style of your house.



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A roof can be the most distinguishing feature of a house or building, with the ability to make or break the desired appearance. It will also be your main source of insulation and temperature control, and protection against weather damage and the sun. Therefore, designing your roof style, choosing materials, drawing up framework and incorporating features such as drainage, coatings, vents, insulation and skylights, should all be planned meticulously and carried through precisely.


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