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Demand for Metal Tile Roofing

The metal tile roof is a fast growing roofing choice among Americans today. Much of its popularity can be accredited to the vast range of metal roof tiles available, and the added features they offer. Also, with so many metal roof tiles to choose from, it is simple for business and home owners to find metal tile roofing that will compliment the look of their building and accommodate their personal taste.

The Benefits of a Metal Tile Roof

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of metal tile roofing is the obvious strength of steel and aluminum. Yet metal tile roofing is surprisingly lightweight, which makes its installation simple, and it can be installed directly onto various forms of existing sheathing. The light weight of metal roof tiles in turn reduces the cost of other building components, and reduces fire hazard weight. Most metal roof tiles also allow for the flow of air beneath them, and this kind of ventilation can reduce the heat build up in your attic space and therefore also your cooling costs. Metal roof tiles are class A, B, and C fire rated (non-combustible), and will not crack, curl, or age. Metal roof tile are also resistant to mold, fungus, algae growth, streaking, hail, and staining. Despite common fears regarding noise, with proper insulation the metal tile roof is as quiet as any other kind.

Maintenance of a Metal Tile Roof

Metal tile roofing has an excellent life cycle cost, and is rated as a life time roof. However it will require some maintenance and any damage that may occur can be difficult to repair. You can receive professional metal tile roof services from our roofers whenever you require it, simply by contacting your nearest Roof 101 branch.



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