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Gambrel Roof Design and Shape

The gambrel roof is two sided with a double slope on each side. The lower slopes are positioned at a steep angle, while the upper slopes are relatively flat. Gambrel roofs are usually symmetrical. The gambrel roof can best be described as a mix between a gable and a hip roof, as its steep slopes operate against weather damage like those of a gable roof, while its flatter upper slopes provide the additional head space that hip roofs do. Gambrel roofs are closely linked to colonial architecture, and have become quite fashionable for residential houses. Our Roof 101 contractors offer only the highest quality of gambrel roof construction, and are available at all hours of the day to meet at the most convenient hour for you.

Gambrel Roofs with Dormers and their benefits

A dormer is a structural addition to the slope of a roof of a building. Although dormers can be constructed on nearly any pitched roofing, they are most commonly used for gambrel roofs. Dormers are used as either a further light source (similar to that of a skylight), or extra head space within the roof. The beauty of gambrel roofs with dormers is their ability to combine both these elements, which allow for both maximum comfort and maximum usage of space within a roof. The services we provide include everything from dormer repairs of all sorts, to designing your dormers from scratch.

No Fuss Gambrel Roof Trusses

Trusses are the frames within a roof that both give it its shape, and hold it together. Gambrel roof trusses can be built in such a way that any lateral pressure is directed downwards onto the walls of the building. This design allows for complete freedom when designing a floor plan, as the walls of the building are not required to support any weight from the ceiling. Additionally, the limited framing in the middle of the trusses increases floor space. Of course, there are many other kinds of gambrel roof trusses, and our representatives are always happy to give you the 101 in truss designs.



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