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The Shed and the Shed Roof

An outdoor shed is a fantastic idea for extra storage space and garden equipment. Choosing a shed roof design is possibly the most important thing to consider when designing your shed, as the selection of roof styles, sizes, and materials can greatly affect both the appearance and size of a shed, and even the outside décor of the home. Although gable and gambrel roofs are the most suitable and therefore common styles of shed roof, almost any design can be applied. We recommend that you choose a style that will complement your home, yet all our Roof 101 contractors would be happy to share their expertise in bringing your vision to life. Another factor you may want to discuss with them is the kind of material to be used, as this can have a strong impact on your expenses and budget.

Shed Roof Construction and Planning

Shed Roof construction will largely depend on the material used to build the walls and overall structure of the shed. The most popular roofing chosen for a shed made from wood is pitched and shingled, giving a traditional, even elegant look. Alternatively, a flat tin roof can be applied to all metal sheds, which is of course, a simpler option, and significantly cheaper. Our contractors are able to assist you in designing a shed roof that will match the style you are looking for, and provide you with all the services you may need in shed roof construction. Another important reason for planning a shed roof design is venting a shed roof, as it depends on the design/structure of the roof and materials chosen. Shed roof ventilation should include a vapor barrier system and for shingled roofs, prevent the condensation of moisture.



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