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At Roof 101, we have contractors that specialize in all areas of both residential residential roofing services and commercial roofing services, including roof cleaning, flashing, construction, replacement, installation, inspection, and a whole lot more. The following links will allow you to read about these services in more depth.

Why Service Your Roof?

Your roof is not just the upper covering of your home or building it as a complex structure composed of much framework, sheathing, weathering, guttering, insulation and lighting systems, which together operate as one protective unit. This unit will not only shield your building from the effects of weather, but it will also contribute to the functionally of your home or office, and influence its resale value. It therefore goes without saying that it is only in your interest to take proper care of your roof. Such care includes making the right decisions for roof installation, performing regular maintenance, roof repair as needed, and anything else you or your roof may require throughout its lifetime. Taking proper care of your roof can both increase its life span and save you money over a long term.

The Importance of Professionalism

As explained above, your roof is an integral part of your building, and is directly related to many important aspects of the home or office, including guttering, lighting, and roof insulation. Servicing your roof is only one half of the issue the other is doing it right. An incomplete or incorrect roof installation can lead to many severe problems regarding both safety and finances, and any overlooked problems can develop into serious damage. As with all roofing services, roof installation and roof repair must be carried out flawlessly in accordance with your buildings dimensions and design, safety requirements, and of course your needs and budget. This is why at Roof 101, we work with only highly experienced and certified roofing professionals, who can oversee all the aspects involved in such projects and ensure industry standards, such that your roof remains fully functional and long lasting. With offices in all major cities, we have an expert in all areas of roofing, from roof installation, to roof insulation and roof repair. Give us a call, or read about our range of services in more detail by following the links.



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