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How does Roof 101 work?

Roof 101 operates in such a way that you arent required to do more than make that first call. Once we identify the nature of your roofing project, we locate the three most reputable roofing contractors in your area for that specific field of roofing. We do so by means of a thorough pre-screening process that continues at all times. This allows for absolute certainty that you are being cared for by reliable, expert roofers. The roofing contractors will each provide you with their best estimate, thereby simplifying the process of shopping around for professional roofers and fair practice.

How do I know how qualified the roofing contractor is?

We use the most advanced pre-screening methods in order to determine the expertise of each roofer we work with. The pre-screening process is continuous throughout a roofers entire association with us, and his workmanship, behavior and communication is constantly checked. This approach ensures that all roofers are reputable, professional and reliable at all times. For first hand proof of our dedication to quality roofing services and friendly business practice, take a look at our testimonials section.

What kind of services do you provide?

Because we are associated with thousands of roofing contractors, we are always able to cater for a specific roofing project. We provide roofers who specialize in all areas of roofing installation, roof repair, renovation, cleaning, restoration and inspection services. We also handle all residential roofing, commercial roofing, and industrial roofing accounts.

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How to Build A Shed Roof

A garden shed is the must have "accessory" for all home-owners. Easy to build, this is a simple weekend project for all do-it-yourselfers. Feel free to contact your local Roof 101 contractor for any further shed roof assistance or advice.


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