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Hip Roof Frame and Shape

A hip roof is the kind in which all sides of its roofing slope downwards towards the walls of the building. The hip itself is the angle at which the slopes of the roofing meet, and the degree of this angle is called the hip bevel. The triangular slopes that meet the rectangular ones at the roof’s ridge are known as the hip ends, which are bound by the hips themselves. Hip roofs can be tailored to many differently shaped structures, yet their ridges will always be central to the rectangular building below it, and the four faces of the roof will always have the same pitch. Roof 101 are able to assist you in designing the hip roof frame that is most suitable to your building.

Practicality and Durability of Hip Roofs

Hip roofs are highly durable against extreme weather conditions. For this reason, we would advise people living in conditions such as proneness to hurricanes, strong sun, or heavy snow-fall, to decide on a hip roof plan. Due to their complex internal framing and steepness in pitch, wind is prevented from entering underneath the roof shingles, and the overall shape of a hip roof provides durability against the strongest of winds. The 4 slopes constituting a hip roof create an eave running all the way around the building, which in turn creates an overhang that can protect against sun and rainfall. Roof 101 are capable of designing an extended overhang for your roof, which keeps walls shaded and cool, in turn reducing your power usage. Additionally, the even level fascia created along the roof-to-wall junction allow for guttering to be fitted along the eaves. A possible disadvantage of hip roofs is the minimal roof space, making maintenance slightly more difficult. However, Roof 101 is happy to provide maintenance and repair services to all kinds of hip roofs.



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