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A Little Clay Roof Tile History

Clay roof tiles have been in use so long that the date and method if their invention is unrecorded. It is believed that clay roof tiles have been in use even since the time of cave men, when they were most primitively shaped and dried under the sun. Clay roof tiles were introduced into America in the early 1700’s, and the clay tile roofing industry has existed in the United States since approximately 1870. The art of tiling has appealed to man for so many years due to the architectural appearance, beauty, and lasting strength that clay roof tiles have proven. Today, clay roof tiles are available in a wide range of designs, colors, and textures, and are used on a significant amount of roofs across American homes and buildings.

Why Use Clay Roof Tiles?

There are so many reasons as to why clay roofing tiles are worth choosing, including:

Clay Tile Roof Installation

Clay roof tile installation is not overly complicated, and with today’s interlocking clay roof tiles, it is even simple. Clay roof tiles are readily available due to high demand, and we ensure that our contractors can complete a clay roof tile installation project both speedily and effectively, for lasting results. For further information, simply contact your nearest Roof 101 branch.



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