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Here at Roof 101, we strive to achieve high performance and longevity in our commercial roofing systems for the businesses and property owners we work with. Part of this is choosing the right commercial roofing system, which in itself is a difficult task. Not only do we make this process simpler for you, but we help define a suitable plan of action in accordance with your business operations, such that your business will not be disrupted. We also provide myriad services for the commercial roof in all areas, such as commercial roof repair and replacement.

The following information may assist you in considering the different commercial roofing systems available. Alternatively, one of our expert roofers would be more than happy to meet with you and provide professional advice based on thorough inspection.

Metal Commercial Roofing

Metal commercial roofing systems are the best choice when it comes to energy efficiency. Fully recyclable and weather resistant, the metal commercial roof is highly effective and requires next to no maintenance at all. It also boasts very competitive initial costs, especially for low rise buildings up to five stories high. We strongly recommend metal commercial roofing for such businesses.

Rubber Commercial Roofing

Rubber roofing is another strong competitor among commercial roofing systems. Most popular for its extreme and long lasting durability, it provides a non-permeable waterproof barrier for the protection of your building, and in doing so, prolongs the life cycle of your commercial roof. In addition, it is able to reflect heat for controlled heating and cooling, and thus minimize your insulation costs. Rubber roofing is most seen on the commercial roof of shopping centers and institutional establishments.

Modified Bitumen Commercial Roof

Modified Bitumen is the kind of commercial roofing that is suited to property owners who are willing to invest in their business. Modified Bitumen is commercial roofing for flat roofs, that is well-known for saving on extensive heating and cooling costs. It is light in weight, and resistant to thermal shock, and will provide a sturdy commercial roofing system for your building.

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How to Shingle a Roof

There are many kinds of shingles available, including proper asphalt, aluminum, copper, tin, concrete and plastic. Their installation procedure will differ at the different stages; therefore this guide will be asphalt shingle installation specific, as this is the most common roofing choice in the United States. Be sure to obtain any required permits before working on your roof.


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