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Residential roofing customers of Roof 101 will appreciate our strong attention to detail and consideration for your home and lifestyle. Not only will we do our best to leave you feeling undisturbed, but you wont even know we were there once weve done a complete clean-up. At Roof 101 you can receive myriad services and advice regarding all kinds of residential roofing, including residential roof replacement, residential roof repair, installation, renovation, and much, much more. With so many residential roofing services available, at such high quality and esteem, why would you go anywhere else? The following will help you learn a little bit more about your roof and the most popular residential roofing systems available to home owners.

Metal Residential Roof System

A residential roof system made of metal is the ideal choice for home owners looking to compliment a particular style, or just as equally, provide the ultimate from of durable protection against the elements. Non-combustible and extremely strong, the metal residential roof can withstand even the strongest of hurricanes, whilst being easy to work with and style according to taste.

Flat Residential Roof Systems

Despite what most people may think, the flat roof system is actually quite suited to residential roofing. Seen predominantly throughout the West, flat residential roofing will reflect its surrounding natural landscape, whilst also greatly reducing energy costs.

Clay Tile Residential Roofing

Clay tile residential roofing provides an elegant and timeless look to your home, and has become the most popular form of roofing throughout Europe, the Middle East, Western American states, and general beach-side settings. Today they have been enhanced to protect against fire, thermal conduction, and resist mildew and staining.

Shingled Residential Roofing

The shingled residential roof has been the most common residential roofing system since the 1980s, and is today most popular for its low initial costs. Durable and cost-effective, it is arguably the best all-round residential roofing solution.

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Do It Yourself Roof Trusses

A roof truss is made up of bottom chords, top chords, and inside webbing, and held together by metal connector plates. The shape of the truss will depend on your roof's structure. They are usually placed every 2'' off center in residential and commercial buildings with gable roofs, yet can be shaped to suit a variety of configurations. Make sure you are familiar with your roof's support requirements before attempting do it yourself roof trusses. If you are not, call a Roof 101 professional immediately for expert installation services.


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