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Sometimes finding a roofer in your area can be difficult. Whether it's because of a lack of roofers or simply a lack of quality roofers, we recognize the importance of variety. At Roof 101, we have established an extensive roofers database covering all of America's 50 states. We are consistently working in association with thousands of roofers, from L.A to New York we have your area covered.

Roofers at large

Roof 101 provides services that benefit both you the home owner, and the roofers that work with us. As a result, we are simply overloaded with keen and ready to work roofers. We operate in every state in the USA, and have roofers registered with us from even the most isolated towns and districts. With so many roofers in all areas, we are confident that we can provide you with local roofers for whatever project you need doing.

Our local roofers

For all our roofers, part of their working with us requires them to undergo continues and rigorous pre-screening processes, such that we are always up to date regarding their qualifications and areas of work.. So when we say that we have found you some local roofers, you can be sure that we are not mistaken. We can even organize some roofers to go out to your area especially if there is a need for it – there is always someone not to far away. All the roofers working for us are licensed and fully qualified, and you will often find that many of them are already the most reputable in your area. Whether you have a residential or commercial application, flat or gable roof, a rural or suburban location, think Roof 101 when you're looking to hire roofers.

Local roofing laws and regulations

Each state and county has its own rules and regulations regarding the work performed by local roofers, as well as the roofing standards that they must meet. Roof 101 is constantly checking for updates in this area so that all the services provided by our roofers remains legitimate and of high quality. Roofing is actually an area that is given much consideration with regards to laws, because of its strong influence on home protection amidst a country of all kinds of weather. From hurricanes to tornados, America has it all, and Roof 101 is here to ensure that your roofs withstand the forces of nature. Our local roofers can install or upgrade residential or commercial roofing systems to make them more compatible to their surroundings, climate, and weather. In many states, this is now being rewarded by the government with various tax benefits. For these reasons and more, we recommend you speak with one of your Roof 101 local roofers to find out more.

Local roofing laws in Florida

The Nassau Country of Florida has recently introduced a law stating that all roofs installed before 2002 undergo reinforcement in order for them to be more capable of withstanding the pressures of hurricanes. This entails more intricate nailing, secondary water barriers, and stronger roof to wall protection. This is a more complicated procedure for gable roofs, and may involve either “platform framing” – bracing of the gable and wall end, or “balloon framing” – single length studs, cement blocks, and insulated concrete forms are sued to build the side wall from the floor right up to the roof. Our local roofers in the Nassau Country area are able to provide both business and home-owners with a cost estimate for such reinforcement services, as well as happily carry out any such work as required in a professional and trusted manner.

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Roof installation is a very tricky process, and anything not executed accurately can lead to serious damage. If you think you are skilled enough to attempt roof installation on your own, it is important you know all roofing regulations well. Alternatively, contact a professional and get quality assistance.


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