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Lets face it, everyone gets a little hot under the collar every time they open their electric bill but did you know that solar panels will significantly help to reduce your electric bills and help to add resale value to your home. Before you get started there are a few questions  that you will need to consider before you run to your local hardware store and install off the shelf discount solar panels on your roof by yourself.

All solar panels are not all made equally. Solar panels vary in quality,durability and also in energy yield. Furthermore, the warranties vary greatly as well. There are quite a few low grade  solar panels on the market made from cheaper and non durable materials that you should try to avoid.  The right information is always key to making an informed decision. Letís take a look at some of the most important factors when considering the installation of solar panels:

Every municipality has fire and building codes and you will need to find out your specific requirements as well as get the proper permits before you start your solar panel project. This is why you should hire only a reliable and proffesional solar power contractor, Roof 101 can guide you through the process.

If you live in a neighborhood with a Homeowners Association you may have to contend with a restrictive covenant and you may also have to submit your plans to your Homeowners Association as well as deal with any suggested revisions. This is why it very important to follow all the proper procedures as well as have the proper guidance of a professional solar power contractor, Roof 101 uses only industry certified contractors that have been carefully screened  and picked.

Solar panels vary in size, energy output and composition, so itís very important to purchase the right product for your particular situation as well as getting the quality product that you deserve. Solar panels are are made from a variety of materials but the most used materials are silicon based: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, metallurgical grade or a hybrid mix of various materials.

Furthermore, in North America the best roof orientation is facing south. The reason for this is because the sun travels in an east to west pattern in a southerly arch but there are many options available to facilitate homes that may be oriented differently.

Finding the right contractor to install your solar panels and to answer your questions is simply and easy, Roof 101 is beside every step of the way.



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