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Understanding the dynamics of how solar electrical systems work is a very simply endeavor and in just a few minutes of your time you’ll know all you need to know in order to make an informed decision about solar electrical systems. Photovoltaic cells which are more commonly known as solar panels generate electricity from the sun and power your home by capturing the electrons in the sunlight and converting them to DC power (Direct Current). Some solar panels on the market have a micro-inverter installed for each panel which converts it automatically to AC power (Alternating Current) which powers your home.

If in the event you do not have micro-inverters with your solar panel system then your system would then connect to an array DC disconnect which in simple terms acts as an electrical hub for all your solar panel’s wires coming from your solar panels. The array DC disconnect arranges all your circuits into a parallel circuit before connecting to an inverter which transforms your DC (Direct Current) into AC (Alternating Current) at a central point rather than at multiple points like the micro-inverters, though they serve the same essential function.

From this point all your circuits have reached your inverter where it has been transformed to AC (Alternating Current) from DC (Direct Current), at this point there are three possible scenarios:

Once your AC generated solar energy reaches your circuit breaker box it will power your home’s electrical appliances and when you are using your electricity the least, the excess electrity will be sent back out to the power company’s electrical grid. The you should see your utility meter running in reverse, saving you money and providing your neighbors with clean energy.



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