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Metal roofing is available in a wide variety of materials, including steel, zinc, polymer, aluminum, copper and more. Each metal varies in its performance and aesthetic features, and is designed to fit different roofing styles. Hence it is important to know which metal is most suitable to your roof before installation. This guide is relevant for both aluminum and copper shingle installation.

Tools and Materials required

How To Install Metal Roofing Instructions

  1. Roof Inspection; roof deck must be solid with minimum thickness of 7/16 inch (wafer board) or 1/2 inch (plywood), and have a minimum slope of 3:12.
  2. Measure your roof; by means of roof top method and slope factor method. Shingles are measured in square feet, trim pieces are measured by total length.
  3. Once starter strips, underlayment, valleys and gable ends have been installed, shingle application can be commenced. Any area covered should be started at the lowest left hand corner, and shingles should be installed from left to right. Shingles should be pressed firmly upward and fastened by nailing through holes in nailing flange.
  4. Shingles should be applied by placing the projecting upper left tab into the corresponding upper right groove of proceeding shingle, and installed from left to right regardless of roof style.
  5. To apply shingles at the end of a course: At a gable end shingle should be trimmed 3/4 inch beyond gable end and fastened in place. At a hip end trim shingle 2 inch beyond hip center and bend remaining segment over hip to be fastened onto deck. This is also the procedure for shingle application at the ridge.
  6. Shingle application at a valley: the shingle to transect the valley should be marked 3/4 inch past the left valley "S" lock, trimmed at the angle of the valley, and using a hand seamer, bent to form an "S" lock with proceeding shingles.
  7. If at any time you are unsure as to how to install metal roofing, contact your local Roof 101 specialist for further assistance



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