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Roof Inspection Requirements & Importance

Roof inspection is an important part of any building survey, and the most crucial step in tending to any possible roofing problems. It therefore goes without saying that roof inspections should be thorough and professional. Regular roof inspections allow for the early detection of roof problems, maintenance of a safe environment for occupants, and the protection of capital assets. Roof inspections should address 3 major areas; the functionality and performance of the roof, identification of weak, deteriorating or hazardous spots, and identification of repair needs.

Roof Inspection Services For All Roofing Types

Roof 101 pre-screened roofing contractors provide complete roof inspections for all kinds of roofing, and are able to provide you with semi-aerial roof inspection photography, which can be especially important for commercial roof inspection. We inspect the interior and exterior of your entire roofing system, record all inspection findings and supply you with an official roof inspection certificate when complete. If repairs or renovations are required, we can also initiate maintenance and repair projects, and offer on the spot quotes from three separate sources. Our roof inspections comprise comprehensive report on all details of your roofing system, ceilings and wall exterior. Our contractors also perform industrial roof inspection in all major cities and states.
Some of the aspects we examine include:



Latest DIY Guide

How to Install Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is available in a wide variety of materials, including steel, zinc, polymer, aluminum, copper and more. Each metal varies in its performance and aesthetic features, and is designed to fit different roofing styles. Hence it is important to know which metal is most suitable to your roof before installation. This guide is relevant for both aluminum and copper shingle installation.


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