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The following instructions assume you already know the dimensions and design of the roof trusses you intend to build. If you do not, or need specially designed roof trusses (and not manufactured ones) contact a Roof 101 professional for assistance.


  1. Measure and cut the material needed for a single truss. Once cut, fit all the pieces together to see that the dimensions are true and all pieces butt tight. Once done, use these pieces as patterns for the marking and cutting of all other roof trusses required. *Note: it is crucial that the highest quality timber is used for top chords and outer segment of the bottom chords of the roof trusses, as these are the areas that experience the most stress in weight.
  2. Cut out the plywood gussets according to the truss plan provided. It will indicate the nail numbers and spacing required for the front and back nailing patterns. Ensure that the front and back nails do not come together, as this may cause splitting.
  3. Use the pattern gussets to connect a single side of the last roof truss.
  4. Nail down the truss connections on a solid surface such as saw horses, ensuring that the nails penetrate all the gussets.
  5. Drive the nails down on either side of each connection, and also on all
  6. pattern gussets.
  7. Fasten the blockings around each gusset.
  8. Lay out the framing members and ensure that they align true and butt tight above the jig truss.
  9. Stack all roof trusses for installation.



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