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Installing vinyl siding is a difficult task. Vinyl siding installation requires 2-3 people, and can go terribly wrong if improperly installed. You can find how to install vinyl siding manuals at your manufacturer, yet if you aren't an expert or do not know how to install vinyl siding, it is advised you contact your local Roof 101 branch for further assistance. Also, vinyl siding prices differ greatly, so shop around prior to find the best deal.

Tools & Equipment for Vinyl Siding Installation

Begin With The Trims

When installing vinyl siding, begin with high trims such as rakes and fascias, as they hold everything together. J-Channel should receive the end of the siding panel that abuts the window, doors, or wall extensions, and also support soffits that reach the end of the house, and under-sill window casing. Also install all corner posts, light blocks, dryer vent accessories, front door cornices and arches before proceeding further with vinyl siding installation.

Proceed to Starter Strips

Vinyl siding installation is done from bottom to top, so install a pre-bent aluminum starter strip in order to fasten the first siding. Nail starter strip all around the bottom of the building leaving 1/4 between ends.

Install Vinyl Siding

To install vinyl siding, overlap panels 1 at each joint with overlap away from entrances to minimize visibility. Leave 1/4'' clearance wherever panels ends butt into J-channel or corner posts. Dimple the cut edge 16'' from center with the snap-lock punch, then push siding panel into place.

Always remember to accommodate thermal expansion where possible!



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