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Every other roofing contractor was more costly. I simply like the gable roof. Roof vents job was completed in a timely fashion and with phenomenal skill. Roughly three months ago I made a call and spoke to Connor Thompson who was remarkably accommodating and also managed to trim down spending. 

Cody Barnes, Hawaii

Quite naturally, I was skeptical about roof101.com, yet to much of my astonishment your roof contractors performed exceptionally well coating our new-look roof and cleaning was a nice touch. Immediately after completing the online form I received a call from Cristofer Carney who arranged estimates appointments with 3 different licensed roof contractors immediately. While receiving quotes from roof contractors in Hawaii, me and my family decided to go with roof101 seeing as your bids were cost effective. If you are interested in having your roof replaced thier contractors are excellent. 

Kylie Thomas, Hawaii

Strongly recommend choosing this company for homeowners shopping around for roof sheathing. roof 101 did an impressive job. I confess to being unsure about roof 101, nevertheless it turned out that the crews really pulled through big time replacing our metal roof and cleaning work was notable. Briefly after filling out the online form I received a call from Roderick Joyce who scheduled me to receive three different bids from three different roof contractors on the spot. 

Tuesday White, Hawaii

Me and my wife positively like this flat roof. Thank you very much for being so pleasant, particularly Anton Solis and Anton Solis. Roof construction work was done on time and with outstanding workmanship. you guys did an amazing work. 

Emma Jones, Hawaii


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