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Marvelous job at a rational price. I was definitely uncertain about roof101, nonetheless to much of my amazement the roofers did a tremendous job constructing our flat roof and cleanup job was notable. I seriously recommend you select this company for anyone inquiring about roof construction. Contacted Roof 101 and talked with Tyrese Sherman who was more than willing to help and also was successful in triming down costs. 

Adam , Hawaii

Made a phone call to Roof 101 and talked to Katherine Martin who was exceptionally pleasant and also helped me in decreasing costs . Roof sheeting work concluded on time and with marvelous skillfulness. The majority of the other Hawaii roofing contractors I called were more expensive. We positively can't stop raving about this gambrel roof. 

Probert Chynna, Hawaii

Concerning roof flashing and foam roofing, these people are top quality. The your crews absolutly came through for us repairing our fixed-up roof. I want to thank Roof101 for your assistance, in particular Minor Dee and Minor Dee for the tremendous job. A little while after receiving estimations from Hawaii roof contractors, me and my family picked this company seeing as your price estimations were reasonably priced. 

Jared Woods, Hawaii

Me and my wife are satisfied we picked your contractors. Thank you for the unbelievable job, especially Patch Coco and Patch Coco. My family genuinely likes our flat roof. Roof replacement job concluded according to the timetable and with remarkable accuracy. 

Annalina , Hawaii


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