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Wonderful work at an excellent value. Made a phone call to Roof 101 and spoke to Carlo Compton who was very helpful and managed to save me a lot along the way. Obviously, we were hesitant about roof101, however it turned out that the roofers performed exceptionally well repairing our fixed-up roof and cleaning was excellent. Surely recommend you choose this website for those of you inquiring about roof flashing. 

Tamber White, New Hampshire

As regards to roof repair, these people are top quality. The roof contractors really pulled through big time installing our shingle roof. Subsequently after comparing estimates from roofers, the wife and I decided to go with your contractors as your price estimations were inexpensive. Thank you very much for your help, in particular Vashon Altessa and Vashon Altessa. 

Abram Blevins, New Hampshire

Wrote to say thanks for all the hard work, in particular Acton . Positively recommend contacting this company for people looking into siding. Your roofing contractors really pulled through big time constructing my gambrel roof. roof101 did a fabulous job. 

Abdullah Levy, New Hampshire

A large amount of the other roofing contractors I spoke with in New Hampshire were greatly pricier. My family really can't stop raving about this gable roof. As regards to foam roofing and roof construction, their roofers are the best. Couple of minutes after completing the electronic form I got a phone call from Vashon Altessa who provided me with three different estimations from three different roofers. 

Owen Watson, New Hampshire


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