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Customer Comments

I simply love our gable roof. Chatted with Step Green who was very pleasant and ultimately enabling me to save immensely along the way. For the most part, the other roof contractors I called in New Hampshire were more costly. Roof repair job was over with on time and with unbelievable accuracy. 

Sydney Thompson, New Hampshire

Chatted with Mitch Deandra who was ready to help and allowing me to save countless hours in hindsight. Every other roof contractor was more costly. Strongly recommend you use these guys for homeowners inquiring about roof coating. The staff performed exceptionally well coating my new roof. 

Dawson Schmidt, New Hampshire

Seriously recommend you choose this site for homeowners inquiring about roof sheathing. Thier crew performed exceptionally well sheeting our new-look roof. Every other roofer was greatly higher priced. Had a conversation with Tucker Rhodes who was remarkably helpful and also assisted me in decreasing prices. 

Aditya Hatfield, New Hampshire

Thier employees performed exceptionally well waterproofing my flat roof. Wanted to show my appreciation for your advice, I specifically want to thank Christian Lee and Christian Lee. If you are looking to have your roof installed thier contractors are first-rate. Shortly after receiving quotes from New Hampshire roof contractors, my family and I decided to go with this service since your quotes were far less pricier. 

Kim C, New Hampshire


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