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Hip roofs are a very popular kind of roofing, and depending on the size of your house or office, you can almost always find pre-engineered hip roof package for the do-it-yourself home project.

Be sure to verify all your needs with the hip roof manufacturer, so that you receive the most suitable how to build a hip roof kit. Remember that building a hip roof from scratch means considering ventilation, drainage, sheathing, insulation, guttering, chimneys, sky lighting, and a whole range of components that together make up a roof. If you lack knowledge or skills in the installation of these things, or do not know how to suit them to the hip roof design, do not hesitate to contact one of our professional roofers, and receive expert assistance. After all, as the most protective part of your house from the elements, you donít want to settle for half a job.

Tools required for hip roof construction

How to build a hip roof instructions

Frame hip roof

  1. Using pre-engineered trusses, attach center common truss to double top plates using rafter tiles. Brace as needed. There are usually 7 common trusses and 3 stepped on each side.
  2. Add remaining trusses 24" on center, working towards ends.
  3. Cut and attach hip rafters to high point of common rafters.
  4. Attach loose ends to hip rafters to double top plates with rafter tiles.
  5. Cut and attach common and jack rafters to fit between hip and double top rafters.

Sheath hip roof

  1. Corer roof framing with CDX and add drip edge and 15 pound roofing felt.
  2. Cover with shingles and install ridge caps.



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