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Asphalt shingles are the most common type of shingle roofing system in north America. An easy to follow step-by-step guide to installing asphalt roof shingles all on your own.

Tools required for installing asphalt shingles:

- Shingles (length x width of roof + 10%)
- Carpenter's Apron
- Ridge Shingles
- Work Gloves
- Copper or Aluminum Flashing Material
- #15 Felt Roofing
- Level
- Roofing Nails
- #90 Mineral Surface Roofing
- Safety Rope
- Chalk Line
- Hammer
- Asphalt Roofing Cement
- Soft Soled Shoes
- Clean-up Cloth
- Chalk Line
- Tin Snips
- Hand Cleaner
- Ladder

Steps for how to Install asphalt shingles:

  1. If required, remove old shingles using a roofing shovel. If the roofing surface is not firm or rotting, use nails to hold wood down and replace any sections if necessary.
  2. Install the starter course of roof shingles at the lower left-hand corner by removing tabs from the roof shingles and nailing down half shingles with the cut side facing outwards. Cut 6" from the first shingle, and overlap proceeding asphalt shingles with inch over edges.
  3. Install first row of asphalt shingles from lower left-hand corner, overlapping roof's edge by inch right over the starter course.
  4. Snap a chalk line for future reference.
  5. Apply first roof shingle of 2nd row by cutting 6" off its length and applying over the 1st shingle of the 1st row. Bottom edges of asphalt shingles should be aligned with the top of tabs of roof shingles in the previous row.
  6. Repeat process for entire roof surface to eliminate moving across roof's surface too much. Butt roof shingles together and fasten them down with 4 nails each. Trim at far side for an overlap over roof's edge of inch.
  7. Continue until ridge line is reached, then repeat process for other side of roof. Overlap the asphalt shingles in the top row of 2nd side to cover ridge and nail in place.



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