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Roof shingles can be displaced or damaged by extreme and violent weather conditions. However, they can be replaced quite easily without any demanding roof work. Follow the following steps to learn how to roof shingle replace on your roof. If you are unsure about anything, consult a Roof 101 contractor before proceeding, as flawed roof shingles replacement can lead to serious consequences.

How to roof shingle replace required tools

  1. Locate displaced or damaged shingles and buy new tabs to replace each one counted.
  2. Separate tabs using cold water flow from the hose if in summer. If you are attempting roof shingles replacement in the winter, be careful not to bend roof shingles excessively as this may cause them to crack/snap.
  3. Loosen the adhesive under roof shingles in the second row from damaged or displaced roof shingles. Lift tab and withdraw exposed nails.
  4. Loosen and lift tabs in the first row above damaged or displaced roof shingles, and expose nails.
  5. Loosen the tabs of damaged or displaced roof shingles, and slowly remove.
  6. Place new roof shingles in the same position from which these were removed and re-nail.
  7. Reseal roof shingles by a 2.5cm diameter spot of shingle cement under each roof shingle tab. Press tabs into cement.
  8. Repeat nailing and resealing for all other rows that were removed



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