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The Longevity of a Copper Roof

Copper roofing has been in use for over 2,500 years, which proves its durability and accounts for its growing popularity amongst architects and home and business owners alike. Resistant to corrosion and extreme weather conditions, the copper roof will not deteriorate and require next to no maintenance, allowing it to last no less than a lifetime. The combined longevity and financial savings is reason why so many schools, commercial businesses, and home investors and now choosing a copper roof over all other roofing options.

Copper Roof Styles

Copper roofing is a flexile metal that is produced in either seams or sheet form. It can be shaped and bent to suit almost any roofing style, and can be easily installed by one of our expert roofers due to its light weight. Basically, copper roofing can be adapted to any structure and can achieve a timeless look or suit an existing architectural style. The copper roof is known to change in hue as time and weather exposure proceeds, and slowly develops a unique patina ranging from salmon pink to russet brown, or even a charcoal grey. This process can take anywhere from 5 to 14 years, depending on your surroundings and the different lengths of exposure of copper roofing. However this does not affect its functionality, and is regarded as a classical and elegant look.

Copper Roof Simplicity

The copper roof can accommodate all kinds of accessories and additions, because it can be bent to form wind resistant and water tight seals, and has an exposure of 9.5 inches. For this reason, copper roof flashings are the most effective, and we can install copper roof flashings without the use of special equipment.



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