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Cement Tiles Provide Natural Beauty and High Durability

Developed in 1824 by Joseph Aspdin, cement roof tile is made of a mixture of concrete, mortar, and plaster. Cement roof tile is used for roofs all over the United States, yet it is most popular in the Southern States where strong weather resistance is required. Cement roof tile is so durable that many roofs sheathed with cement roof tile have lasted for over a hundred years. Cement roof tile is extruded under high pressure to make a tough, dense tile that increases tensile strength. As a result, your roof can withstand your weight when moving around on it Ė whether itís regular maintenance or hanging up Christmas lights. Additionally, cement roof tile can be manufactured in a smooth and contemporary look, or rough for a rustic shake or Chateau appearance. They can also be purchased with special coatings that prevent cement roof tile color fading. With over 300 colors to choose from, the cement roof tile offers a lifetime of natural beauty for your home or office.

Cement Roof Tile Moss and Algae Prevention

Cement roof tiles cannot be damaged by moss and algae build up. However, a yearly visual inspection of your roof can help prevent cement roof tile moss and algae build up in the valleys, and the damming effects of rain. Because special tools and expertise are required for cement roof tile installation and maintenance procedures such as this, it is important you choose a contractor with experience. Roof 101 offers pre-screened contractors specializing in cement roof tile applications, and provides professional installation, cleaning, and repair services for both residential and commercial buildings. So donít hesitate to call us for all your cement roof tile needs.



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