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The strength and Structure of Metal Roof Panels

Metal roof panels are an excellent choice of metal roofing solutions. Firstly, they have flanges that can be interlocked for added durability during installation, which subsequently allow for tight seaming that converts the individual metal roof panels into a comprehensive roof membrane. The structure of a metal roof panel roof includes special panel mounting clips that connect panels and purlins together in a way that allows the metal roof panels to expand and contract during temperature change, which significantly minimizes roof stressing. Thirdly, metal roof panels have an exceptionally high yield strength and Ksi, plus they deliver coil hardness and protective features as result of Galvalume coatings polyurethane primers. Metal roof panels can be made to give a shingle appearance, and can accommodate nearly all roofing styles.

The Negatives of a Metal Roof Panel System

Although the unique mounting clips of metal roof panels allow them to expand and contract during temperature and pressure changes, the expansion and contraction can cause the fastener hole size of individual metal roof panels to increase. This can result in roof leaks, and dark colors and solid aluminum metal roof panels will experience the most movement. The plus side is that Roof 101 offers all kinds of metal roof panel related services for all roofing projects, and at affordable prices. We can conduct regular inspections and maintenance procedures to ensure that your metal roof panels are safely in place and functioning as required. We are also able to repair any damage caused by leaks, and do a full roof clean. We operate in all major cities, and are available at all hours of the day or night, so when your metal roof panels are experiencing undesirable changes, simply give us a call or write via the website. Our roofers are reputable professionals, and our services are lasting quality.



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Metal roofing is available in a wide variety of materials, including steel, zinc, polymer, aluminum, copper and more. Each metal varies in its performance and aesthetic features, and is designed to fit different roofing styles. Hence it is important to know which metal is most suitable to your roof before installation. This guide is relevant for both aluminum and copper shingle installation.


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