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Terracotta Roof Tiles in American History

Terracotta roof tiles have been used throughout Northern America and what is now the United States, for many centuries. Terracotta roof tiles have been found at the site of the Roanoke Island settlement of 1585 in North Carolina, and production of terracotta roof tiles began in 1770 on New York and New Jersey. Several years later, both California and Boston had begun manufacturing terracotta roof tiles, which have also become a prominent architectural element of Louisiana. Today, terracotta roof tiles are a very popular roofing material both in the United States and around the world.

The Design of Terra Cotta Roof Tiles

Terra cotta roof tiles have proven their ability to last the test of time. Not only durable, but terra cotta roof tiles are also extremely beautiful, and add an ornamental and distinctive appearance to a home or building. Terra cotta roof tiles are smooth in surface, and made in a variety of shapes, patterns, textures, and colors, to cover a flat or sloped roof. More decorative terra cotta roof tiles are used to cover the roof’s peak. Sometimes, the field tiles may include patterns, or a variation of clay colors. Terra cotta roof tiles are most commonly available in the famous red/orange, blue, green, deep purple, deep brown, and pale pink.

Terra Cotta Roof Tile Services

Terra Cotta roof tiles, although kiln baked, can be extremely delicate at times, especially during installation or after many years of weathering. For this reason, any terra cotta roof tile related services should be handled only by professionals. Our expert team offers all kinds of terracotta roof tile services, including installation, repair, maintenance/cleaning, and replacement. Simply contact us for further information.



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