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Zinc Roofing Throughout History

Zinc roofing was first used in the United States in 1816. Though its popularity was cyclic over the following decades, zinc roofing has become the most popular form of roofing in Europe, covering approximately 70% of residential buildings. Zinc roofing strips are today an architect’s favorite roofing material, as they are versatile in use, appearance, and application. Many people are slowly discovering the great advantages of zinc roofing as its popularity increases

The Advantages of Zinc Roofing

To begin with, Zinc roofing is an optimum investment, as it is able to resist corrosion by naturally developing its own protective patina. This distinctive patina also provides durability, and together these features allow a zinc roof to live for about 100 years in a rural environment – 4 times that of steel roofing. What’s more, is that this patina will also allow zinc roofing to self-repair imperfections and scratches, and eliminate the need for a coating or varnish, and regular maintenance. Zinc roofing strips are highly malleable and can adopt any shape, including low radius curves and complex shapes unachievable with other materials, allowing for great freedom of design. Zinc roofing is also a natural material and can be recycled indefinitely, making your building environmentally friendly. The only possible downside of applying zinc roofing strips is that they are initially quite expensive.

Installing Zinc Roofing

Although the actual application of zinc roof strips is simple, zinc roofing necessitates that your building meet certain requirements, including geometrical continuity, project structural conformity, and physico-chemical compatibility. For this you will need a thorough roof inspection, which can determine what must be done in order to meet such requirements, and install the zinc roofing accordingly. Not complying with these factors can lead to serious damage, which is why you will need professional zinc roofing installation by a zinc roofing expert. Roof 101 offers all zinc roofing related services at affordable prices, in all major cities.



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