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The Andersen Skylights Design

Andersen skylights was first founded in 1903 by Hans Andersen of Wisconsin, and are today a leading international skylight manufacturers. Andersen skylights produce over six million products a year world-wide, which can be found in many American homes and businesses. Andersen skylights are specially designed and built to provide quick and easy installation, made possible by their snap-in sash featuring a separate frame and sash, simplified roof brackets, and time-saving packages. As a result, Andersen skylights can be installed approximately 20% faster than any other skylight product.

What Do Andersen Skylights Offer?

  1. A simple two step installation process – the separate installation of frame and sash make it possible for only one roofer to complete the job, and for him/her to be able to center the Andersen skylight from the inside of your roof structure.
  2. No sash covers – this saves roofers much time as it eliminates the need to disassemble and reassemble the cover pieces.
  3. Convenient packaging – the Andersen skylight slides conveniently right out of the box
  4. Simplified bracket assembly – requires only the nailing of the brackets to the roof.

Andersen Skylights Performance and Durability

All Andersen skylights and skylight accessories are uniquely tested to achieve maximum results. Andersen skylights offer warranties of up to twenty years on glass skylights, and ten years on non-glass appliances, which is completely transferable from one home-owner to the next. If you are considering installing an Andersen skylight product, or require maintenance and repair services for existing Andersen skylights, our expert skylight roofers can pop by any time to assist you and offer experience-based advice. Because of their roofer-friendly design, you’ll find that many of our contractors simply love to work with Andersen skylights!



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