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About Motorized Skylights

Motorized skylights are the ultimate solution for ventilating those out of reach spots in your roof space and attic, and even within the house and office building. Admitting natural light and controlling temperature levels just like regular skylights, motorized skylights allow the window to be fully opened for ventilation purposes, using only a remote control. A concealed motor is operated with the remote to open and close the motorized skylight as you wish, and allow a flow of fresh air or even a breeze to enter the room. This is not only an economical ventilation and lighting system, but also the most efficient and comfortable for you, requiring minimum effort on your part.

Motorized Skylight Special Features

Despite the drive-synchronous motor, motorized skylights are fully retractable, and can even be set to ventilate according to not only time of day but also the indoor temperature. This is achieved by use of a thermostatically controlled radio frequency remote, and it is an excellent option for energy saving. Additionally, many motorized skylight systems have built in rain sensors, which automatically activate their closing when rain begins to pour. And like regular skylights, motorized skylights have a range of available sun screening accessories to ensure premium protection and care of your home or building.

Installing a Motorized Skylight System

Motorized skylights are available in a selection of sizes and styles very similar to regular skylights, as well as a full rainbow of colors to suit your interior design. You can also purchase select wood frames and sash, aluminum cladding, and insect screens. A roof 101 professional is available at all times and in all major cities and towns to efficiently install a motorized skylight system into your home or office, at an affordable price just contact us to receive immediate quotes.



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