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Different Uses for Commercial Skylights & Roof Windows

Commercial and industrial structures are built differently according to industry requirements and ever-changing architecture. Therefore uses for the commercial skylight and roof window are extensive. While some are installed as an addition to the appearance of the building, other commercial skylights are installed as energy savers, due to the heavy maintenance costs. Some of the uses for commercial skylights include additional lighting, canopies, greenhouses, pool enclosures, sunrooms, walkways, and plenty more.

Commercial Skylight Designs

It is common for business owners today to design a commercial skylight uniquely for their building. This allows for installation to be especially suited to their roof, and incorporate all their desired visual aspects. When designed and installed successfully, the outcome is an attractive roofing structure to clients and workers alike, and energy-efficiency to reduce heating, cooling and ventilation costs. Alternatively, there are many pre-built commercial skylight products available for purchase from your nearest manufacturer. Most commercial skylight products are available in an assortment of colors, shapes, and sizes, and there are many trusted brand names to choose from, such as the Velux skylight series.

Benefits of the Tubular Commercial Skylight

Tubular skylights display many beneficial qualities that are particularly useful for commercial building purposes. Firstly, without any additional framing, they can be installed in under two hours in both flat and sloped roofs, and occupy less overall space. Secondly, tubular commercial skylights distribute light evenly throughout a room, even in large high-storey office spaces. Thirdly, tubular commercial skylights can have integrated electrical lighting, and eliminate harmful rays during the daytime, thereby making a more comfortable working area for employees. Also, the addition of natural sunlight is believed to increase concentration, ultimately making the tubular commercial skylight design ideal for creating happy workers.



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