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Who Are Sun Tek Skylights?

Sun tek skylights are world-class, high quality skylights offering natural lighting solutions to your home or business. Suntek skylights offer a comprehensive range of skylights, roof windows, and roof lights that are competitive priced and manufactured in the United States in Florida.

Why Buy Sun Tek Skylights?

Sun Tek Skylights boast a range of features lacking in other skylight brands. First and foremost, Sun Tek Skylights let in approximately 500% more light than a comparably sized window. This not only increases the dazzling glow admitted into a room, but heavily reduces the costs of electrical lighting. Unlike other brands, Suntek Skylights are well insulated and specially engineered to resist condensation, and sometimes may even offer special condensation wicks that prevent damage in the event that condensation does occur. Sun Tek Skylights are also up to 300 times more impact resistant and durable than other skylight brands, depending on the material you choose. And finally, the custom design of Suntek Skylights will increase your home value with an expensive and elegant look that is actually very affordable.

Installing a Sun Tek Skylight

Due to clever designing, the installation of a Suntek Skylight is relatively simple and swift. However, for a purely stunning look in your home or office, it is advised that you hire a skylight professional for installation purposes. For Suntek Skylight installation, repair, and maintenance services, we provide expert roofing contractors in all major areas.



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