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A skylight can add beauty, natural light, and heating/cooling solutions to a commercial building or private residence. Each skylight is tailored to suit a certain roof type and provide various desired functions. With the wide range of skylights available for purchase, it is important to know which skylight your building requires, and which brand to trust in providing these functions for maximum efficiency and life-span. Skylight manufacturers are the best in advising you on such issues, and generally offer a variety of skylights to choose from, at a range of different prices. However, it is advised that you have at least a rough idea about what you both need and want from your skylight, and a monetary limit before visiting skylight manufacturers. Speak with your local Roof 101 contractor to receive recommendations for the most reputable skylight manufacturers in your area.

Commercial & Industrial Skylight Manufacturers

There are many skylight manufacturers for commercial and industrial usage only, and they are able to provide a more extensive range of commercial skylights than general skylight manufacturers. Commercial skylights are most commonly installed for energy-efficiency purposes. In this case, tubular skylights are most suited, yet this can change depending on climate and weather conditions. For maximum efficiency in your office space, a Velux skylight is most recommended, as they provide electrically operable configurations. Our contractors work in association with many reliable commercial skylight manufacturers, and are able to advise you on where your most worthwhile purchase can be made.

Residential Skylight Manufacturers – Don’t Be Fooled

Unlike commercial buildings, nearly any skylight type can be installed in a residential building. This is why it is crucial to understand all the elements of skylight before entering a skylight manufacturers store. Often people choose residential skylights based on either overall appearance or functionality, yet it is advised to aim for a mix of both aspects. For further important information regarding the selection of both skylight design and skylight manufacturers, consult with your local Roof 101 contractor. Experience-based advice is an extremely important factor, and choosing your skylight manufacturers should be taken seriously in order to make both the wisest and most profitable buy.



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