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Glass Skylights VS Plastic skylights

Glass skylights boast several advantages over plastic skylights. To begin with, their energy efficiency differs in that glass skylights are usually given a protective solar coating and form of insulation (generally argon gas), whilst plastic skylights are not. The solar coating allows for a heavy reduction in the build up of heat, sometimes up to 65% . Glass skylights are made air-tight and tempered, which allows for a life-span and warranty to be provided, unlike plastic skylights whose life-span is always unpredictable. Also, glass skylights provide a clear outdoor view and do not discolor over time.

The Decorativeness of Glass Skylights

Glass skylights have the potential to be much more decorative than other skylight forms. Adornment of glass skylights can serve either purely aesthetic, or practical purposes (such as privacy), and can involve anything from stained to antique glass. One of the main attractions of glass skylights is the ability to impart your own personal style. It can even be applied as a second or additional glazing, so that it can be removed and reapplied in the event that you move house. At Roof 101, we work with many contractors specializing in stained glass skylights, antique glass skylights, and many other decorative styles. Together with your contractor, you can create a design that is both practical and to your taste

The Disadvantages of Glass Skylights

The are several problems that glass skylights pose:



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