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The Complete Package with Elk Roofing Shingles

Elk roofing shingles have been in production since 1955. Today, the company has offices across most of the United States, providing Elk roofing shingles through a network of suppliers and dealers. The company’s roofing shingles are known for the high quality, durability and the protection Elk roofing shingles provide against wind and moisture, heat and fire. To go along with Elk roof shingles, the company recommends a complete range of roofing materials that complement each other to create a complete architectural style and strong roofing system.

Roof Shingles Types

One of the products that make up the Elk roof shingle selection is TruSlate. These genuine slate shingles are made of new materials and with advanced engineering technology, producing more affordable and lighter slate roof shingles than ever before. New methods were developed to make installation of slate shingles easier as well. No less than five featured patented brand names of asphalt shingles are available by Elk, of which Elk Prestique shingles alone, for example, has seven different style options. Other Elk roof shingles include ˝ thick, laminated reinforced fiberglass roof shingles. These, under the name of UltraMat, are ideal for fire preventing, rot protection and warping.

Elk Shingles Warranties

When purchasing and installing roof shingles, warranty is a major factor. This is certainly an aspect to compare between roof shingles manufacturers. Elk roofing shingles, if installed per instructions and treated properly (no use of harmful chemicals, for example), Elk provides warrantees of 30 to 50 years. The roof shingles are made to withstand winds of 70 to 110 MPH. roof shingles that are treated by Elk with its StainGuard color treatment will not suffer algae produced discoloration for a period of 10 years. Elk roof shingles, even in case the house is sold within a period of 10 years since Elk roof shingles are installed remain under warranty, pending proper paperwork is filled out.



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